A2 Remix Results!

As we said there have been some big changes as to what will be done with the winning remixes and now that it is crunch time we are sure that you will not be disappointed!

So without further adieu the winners are …

1st Astrum

2nd rnzr

3rd Farcio

and the runners-up …
808Chunk Lexicon andremoda Virtuous Sandburgen Kangoozy CTRL oedipax kollektiv rasselbock

All of the winners tracks (including the runners-up) will be released by our friends at [Futureaudio].

We will definitely be releasing more Audiotool track in the future because it is impossible to ignore to quality of music being produced and we want to give these tracks the backing and publicity they deserve.

Thanks to all our users for being so patient in waiting for the results and thanks again for all the amazing tracks!

Stay tuned for more info, release dates, formats etc.

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