Featured Artist: Future Sound Collabs


These guys fuse raw garage sounds, ambient soundscapes and loads of reverb to create effortlessly dark downtempo music. Listen to their tracks and find out who makes up the group here.

Featured Artist: Aaron

Aaron produces creative and stylistically rich ambient music. Warm analogue drones and deep basslines are mixed to create abstract yet relaxing downtempo. Check out his page for some awesome easy-listening.

Klub Affekt Winners

The Klub Affekt competition was all about the fundamentals of electronic dance music, production techniques and originality. Here are the winners.

  1.) Olondro
  2.) noraus
  3.) rnzr
  4.) Cripta
  5.) ascent
  6.) DB
  7.) Dj FredD
  8.) High-toned
  9.) Trancefreak12
10.) Horizon Scan

A big thanks to our sponsors and a big thanks to everyone who took part. Stay tuned for a list of some of the awesome tracks that didn’t make it.

Featured Artist: Astrum

Location: Albuquerque, USA

Favourite Users: Olaf, Plus+, Perspective, Kepz, enjoyyourshoes, oedipax, Cripta, Mr. Standfast, noraus

Since publishing his first track in April 2010 Astrum has become one of the most followed users on Audiotool. As a producer he immerses himself in the detail and creates complex electronic bass music. He often plays live in the real world and has gained notoriety at Audiotool and beyond. Check out his account for more info.

Competition Update

A quick reminder to all users that the submission phase for the Klub Affekt contest will end at 23:59 UTC 14/09/2012.

Featured Artist: Sandburgen

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

To celebrate the first shipment of the Sandorama EP this feature is all about Sandburgen. Since releasing his first track in 1995 Sandburgen has developed his own minimalistic style of techno/trance. His tracks subtly merge 80s inspired big synth sounds with melancholic minimalism and are enjoyed by many at audiotool.com and beyond.

The Sandorama EP is not yet available at the Audiotool Shop but if you want to own one of the first copies you can get it here.

Featured Artist: Versus

Username: Versus

Location: Paris, France

Favourite Users: André Michelle, 808Chunk, arche3.0, yafee?, Cripta, nowai, Sandburgen, Olondro

Versus is one of the more experimental signal adventurers on audiotool.com and has produced music in various forms. He has produced IDM, ambient, drum and bass, house and more recently acid house. The tracks from Versus are always produced to a high level and are often assembled using very exotic processing techniques.

Check him out!

Featured Artist: sbronz

Username: sbronz

Location: Orsenigo, Italia

Favourite Users: WhiteGrizzly, Cripta, jinx, Olaf, Audio M.D., Fedora, Frigolito, yafee?, tornsage, Grotzo, Uprising, Hbeao, Jonjon, dronealpha, Won Ton, Julsy, fontana

Hailing from the Italian lakes sbronz creates slightly drone-like yet melodic music. The music from sbronz is colourful, mostly happy and often sounds like 80s synth-pop.

Check him out!

User-Party Europe

A group of highly motivated Audiotool users have got together and organised an Audiotool party. If you’re interested in meeting other users and hearing Audiotool music played out by some Audiotool favourites then you should seriously consider dropping everything and heading to Belgium this weekend.

This is a very special party since it has been totally organised by the users themselves and is a free event. Check out the event on Facebook

Location: DOK Ghent, Belgium.

Date/Time:  Saturday 18/08/2012, 14:00 - 01:00 CET

Featured Artist: tornsage

Username: tornsage

Location: Boston, USA

Favourite Users: Everyone

tornsage is another one of the ambient heroes on Audiotool. He has played the guitar and the piano for most of his life and is involved with sound for his day job. tornsage has a wealth of relaxing, well produced tracks on a his profile and is a big favourite among the Audiotool community.

Check him out!

Featured Artist: Arche3.0

Username: Arche3.0

Location: Cranston, USA

Favourite Users: 808Chunk, Tyburn, Kepz, Cripta, digigeist, Frigolito, oedipax, Jonjon, rnzr, Uprising, ntjon, tornsage, femme_robot

Arche3.0 is another established Audiotool user, he is a fan of dark 80s music and has an obvious talent for creating intriguingly complex melodies. As well as publishing his own music, Arche is known for offering friendly advice and has favourited over 3000 tracks from other users.

Regardless of Arche claiming he is just an amateur having fun, he has an album available on iTunes and Amazon and even has his own website

Check him out!

Klub Affekt Competition

We are excited to announce that we have launched an all new competition to find the 10 best Audiotool club tracks. This competition is all about the fundamentals of electronic dance music, how it affects a club and how to keep people on the dancefloor. For this contest we have teamed up with Korg, Vestax, Stanton and KRK to offer some really great prizes, as well as this, each of the 10 winning tracks will be professionally mastered and released on an Audiotool compilation.


1st. Vestax VCI-400 DJ Controller

2nd. Stanton SCS-4DJ Mediaplayer

3rd. Korg Kaossilator 2

4th, 5th and 6th place winners will each receive a pair of KRK KNS6400 Headphones and users who come in at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place will each receive a Korg Monotron Synthesizer.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for original compositions, creative sound design and good tonality. Samples and presets from other users are allowed but points for originality will be lost. No remixes or bounced samples from other user’s tracks and obviously no copyright protected material.

How to Enter:

Make a track, publish it and send the link to team@audiotool.com before 23:59 (UTC) 14/09/2012.

NOTE: All submitted tracks must be published with a CC BY-SA license.

Featured Artist: Nominal

Username: Nominal

Location: Chicago, USA

Favourite Users: how to disappear completely and never be found again, Aaron S., offbeatninja123, Olaf, Tyburn, enjoyyourshoestrrrrillionare

Nominal takes elements of dubstep, hip-hop, dnb, garage and any other type of bass music and mixes it all with floaty analogue soundscapes to create super new-sounding, amazing music. Nominal is also a part of Future Sound Collabs and is helping them turn heads with their deep yet minimalistic style of bass music.

Down to the way his tracks sound we always thought Nominal was probably a retired garage producer, hes not, he is a 19-year-old college student from America. Heavy.

Login with Facebook

You can now register and login at Audiotool with your Facebook account. This means that you can automatically tell your Facebook friends every time you favorite a track or make one yourself.

Existing users can take advantage of this feature by finding the newly created “Connect” section under the preferences tab. There you will be able to select “Connect with Facebook”.

Featured Artist: Carlyon

Username: Carlyon

Location: Denver, USA

Favourite Users: tornsage, Olaf, Sandburgen, Astrum, femme_robot

Although some of his tracks sound like house music, Carlyon seems to focus more on producing floaty hip-hop and other forms of downtempo music. Mostly happy but sometimes dark and thoughtful, the music from Carlyon is definitely experimental yet always easy to listen to.

Like a lot of users at Audiotool the number of followers and visits to Carlyon’s page has no relation to the quality of the music that he puts out. If you are unfamiliar with the tracks from Carlyon here is your chance to check him out since he is definitely one to watch.