Export to YouTube


It’s now possible to export your Audiotool tracks directly to YouTube. The track cover will also be exported and the YouTube plays will be counted on Audiotool as well, nice!

Moogfest Competition Results

The winner of the Moogfest Audiotool competition has now been confirmed. Visit the contest page to found out which tracks made the top 8 and which Audiotool user has won a set at Moogfest 2014!

Top 24 Moogfest Submissions


The final shortlist for the Moogfest Audiotool competition is now online. Visit the contest page to find out which tracks made the top 24!

Top 100 Moogfest Submissions


The first shortlist for the Moogfest Audiotool competition is now online! Visit the contest page to find out which tracks made the top 100

Moogfest Competition


We’ve teamed up with Moogfest to launch a truly awesome competition. Visit the contest page for details on how you could win a set at Moogfest 2014

SoundCloud Integration


This update sees some additions to the Audiotool website, here’s what’s new:

  • SoundCloud integration (login with SoundCloud account, export from Audiotool to SoundCloud, imported statistics)
  • Facebook notifications (activated via preferences)
  • New embed code generator 
  • Real time newsfeed notifications
  • Bug fixes
Facebook Embed Player


Just in time for the time of giving, Audiotool gets a Facebook embed player! Simply copy an artist, track or album URL and give the gift of music this year via Facebook.

A Small Update


The app now features a quick tour for new users, links to each instrument’s wiki page and a new tab with links to Infyuthsion’s tutorials, happy holidays!

Moving Servers

audiotool.com is today (10/12/13) moving to new servers. Although we hope this will be as painless and as easy as possible some downtime throughout the day can be expected.

Cripta’s Winning Remix


After listening to and reviewing all submissions Cripta has chosen Audial’s remix as the winner. Cripta gave the track’s solid sound design, danceability and catchiness as the reasons behind his decision. A shortlist of Cripta’s favourite remixes can be found here. Congrats!

audiotool:con 2013 (replay)


For anyone who missed this year’s audiotool:con the keynote, discussions and artist interviews are now available on youtube. For anyone who wants to listen to the DJ sets they are still available via our make.tv page



Track and album pages now display the 3 highest rated comments at the top of the list. It is also now possible to favourite tracks from the news feed and from the global player, enjoy!

Cripta Remix Competition


Straight off the back of the last competition we’re holding a short remix contest to celebrate Cripta’s upcoming album release. For the chance to have your track included on the album simply remix this track before 23:59 UTC 28/11/13.

Dub Techno Contest Results


Down to the nature of dub techno this competition was all about sound design and pushing the limits. Here are the winners:

Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winners! Release date to be announced soon.

Global Player and Single/Album Charts


What’s New

  • global player
  • public albums
  • weekly single/album charts (updated every Thursday)

As well as these additions the login tab has now moved from the top-left to the top-right which may be confusing. As always please don’t hesitate to get in touch with feedback or if any issues are encountered with the website. Thanks for the continued support and enjoy!

NOTE: Albums can be made public by selecting the published checkbox under album attributes